Business Model

Mission & Objectives

  • Maximise revenue from the commercialisation of Transense’s patented technology in conjunction with licensees and partners
  • Develop additional routes to market through wholly-owned trading divisions and joint development agreements
  • Increase shareholder value
  • Continue to develop new technology based on Transense’s core competencies


  • Working with our licensees & partners to actively market our technology
  • Aggressively targeting high margin market segments where our technology has unique selling points. We have identified the “Off-the-road” (“OTR”), truck, motorsport and electrical sectors as fulfilling these criteria
  • Extract additional income from the supply chain
  • Vertical integration, forward into distribution and/or backwards into assembly
  • Establishing joint ventures & strategic alliances
  • Entering non-automotive markets
  • Actively marketing our technology in emerging markets
  • Providing engineering consultancy
  • Licencing our intellectual property
  • Seeking development grants and funding